Press Release Services

Depending on the package you selected, you can get one to two press releases per year.

Here’s what we do to help get your message out through PR.

Step One – Create:

You write a rough draft of your press release. Three hundred to four hundred words are a minimum and a good place to start. Here are the industry guidelines for writing a good press release and having it pass editorial reviews:

Following these guidelines will help your write a great Press Release for your business. Make sure you follow the “objective tone” and “newsworthy content” guides and note the date you want the PR to be release on. Don’t forget to include images, social media links, and your contact information.

Here’s a real press release example that you can follow:

Step Two – Edit:

Email your press release to the editor’s desk at We’ll review your Press Release and make sugguestions. Once we have the final copy approved by you, it’s on to the next step.

Step Three – Post Press Release:

Here’s where we complete the work. You press release is inputted into PRWeb’s press release service  and we tweak it for search optimization. You can learn more about what PRWeb does here:

That’s it!  The final step it to watch the internet reach and search indexing.  Amazing things can happen with well written PR!

Get Market Tips On Ideas For Your Press Release

Here’s an Example on PRWeb:

Click image below to see live Press Release.

Press Release Example