Wonderful and Inviting Hot Springs – Idaho City

the Springs Exterior 1The Springs

In the small, mountain community of Idaho City, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they have a natural thermal, hot springs pool that looks like it was created out of the pages of an architectural design magazine! “The Springs”  is a redo of the historic “Warm Springs” resort, where for decades families have enjoyed this thermal pool.  A few years back, the hot springs was closed to the public under private ownership – which was a huge loss to the community. The hot springs was found in the mid 1800’s and developed in 1862, by white settlers, and over its long history, it has gone through multiple facelifts.  Now, visitors can enjoy its world-class style and top-quality design and construction.  Along with this complete renewal from top to bottom, “The Springs” offers a steam room, a huge hot tub, a cold water splash deck, therapeutic massage services, and food and beverages service.

Interior Design

When you drive up to the front exterior of The Springs facility, you know that you are not going to be disappointed after you enter. The lobby is beautiful and inviting.  Warm and comfortable chairs appoint the room begging visitors to take a seat and The Springs Interior Lobbystay a while.  Another item that people will notice is the amazing, artful, lighting fixtures that lend perfectly to the ambiance of this quiet, relaxing, mountain retreat.  Each lighting fixture is a custom, one-of-a-kind design by Meredith Clark, from Chandi Lighting Studio in Boise, Idaho.  Combining all of the carefully placed details inside the building’s interior, further reinforces the unique and special nature of this thermal pool, spa location.


Even the changing rooms are comfortable, beautiful and well designed. There are keyed lockers, showers, towels, and spa amenities for your convenience.  There are “Grown-Up” only times and “Family Day” times scheduled throughout each week.  What is always noteworthy is the water health when using a public facility.  The pool “completely refreshes itself every 6-8 hours” as stated in their informational brochure.   They do not use harsh The Springs Pool Side 1chemicals due to the natural flow of the low-sulphur, high-mineral thermal waters.  But they go the extra mile and completely empty and clean the pool every evening, which is impressive!


It is recommended that visitors do make a reservation – as The Springs does limit the number of people who are occupying the facility to ensure a fabulous, high-quality experience. The website mentions that they also offer music performances when scheduled.  To keep up on their news check out their Facebook, where they keep people up to date with happenings at The Springs.  I am looking forward to my next visit to this Idaho gem and hopefully you will also take a drive to Idaho City and enjoy a day of warmth and relaxation.